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There's No Place Like Here?

Damn we're smooth!

Yep, that's right. Smooth as a gravel driveway, that is.

Of course, we're always UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This site will be a fluid entity (yes, I am an engineer).

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STUFF ALERT!! I have purchased the domain name! You can now reach this page simply as! I am also offering email accounts at! Get your own today. Don't Delay. You can have the honor of being Schweet.

Some people have reported to me that they didn't realize there was more stuff here and to scroll on to the bottom of this page to see it (net newbies). This especially concerns signing Ye Olde Guestbook. So ... Here it is spelled out for all of you! Ye Olde Guestbook is at the bottom of the page! Or, you can click anywhere I've written Ye Olde Guestbook to take you to the bottom and avoid scrolling alltogether! Impressive, huh?

If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, or anything in general worth saying, drop an email.

If you happen to be an HR Rep looking for a great candidate for an IT position:

I have over 3 years consulting and programming experience in the Technology group of Andersen Consulting, and since then have been serving in a number of technical capacities such as DBA, tech support, network administrator, web module development, etc. at a software firm.

So please take a look at my resume.

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