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Ask Dr. Tech

Unfortunately, the site hosting the forum package I use has eliminated my forum. I may reinstate it at a later date if I can find a good host.


Welcome to my Dr. Tech's Computer Help Forum.

This message forum is a place for you, me, and even your mother to help each other out by asking and answering questions on computer issues that are confronting you at any given time. Not to say the board has to be used for Computer related questions or discussions, but I have to have some sort of subject to start off.

Just remember, there are younger visitors to this forum, so keep whatever you're posting CLEAN. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN THE REVOKING OF YOUR FORUM PRIVELAGES. YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THIS FORUM. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Unfortunately, many internet surfers do not use common sense, so I have to state this very clearly. But now that unpleasantness is out of the way.

So, post questions, discussion topics, opinions, answers, and whatever. Hopefully you'll find this board useful. But mostly, have fun.

Simply hit the button below to be transported to the Computer Help Forum.