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Now Sit Right Back And You'll Hear A Tale...

We're Men, We're Men In Tights

Click The Pic For A Full-Size (Not Life-Size) Image
Armored And Prepared For Battle I Exude Confidence...No, wait, ... That's Just Gas. Get Off The Brakes And Shut Off That Blinker! It's Just A Little Fender Bender
Ramming Speed I Hate Rush Hour Those Jerks Are Tailgaiting Us Where The Heck Are They Going?
Kayaking Is Cake Compared To Sitting In A Big Rubber Raft Warning - Bump Ahead Why Can't I Just Sit Here On My Fat Ass? Maaarrcooooooo
Marriage Is WAY More Dangerous Than This I Skipped Class A Lot During Photography I'm Squishing His Head Yeah, We Could Do That...
The Two Of Us Made It At Least 10 Feet Before Falling Out! Damn They're Weak If They Have To Make A Kayak Tow Them Hitting The Fast Lane This Place Has Got To Fix These Potholes
I Think I'll Take A Load Off And Put My Feet Up...

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